Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Is GREEN ARROW MONTH at Gutter Talk!!!

I probably should have posted this yesterday, but I just thought of this silly gimmick this morning. Anyway, as you may have noticed, the year 2010 is already 1/6 of the way over and the mad month of March is upon us.  Besides the ludicrous and overhyped basketball tournament, the month's main attraction is St. Patrick's Day, honoring the patron saint of drunks. 
One of the traditions associated with St. Pat's Day is The Wearing of the Green, and in the world of comic book super-heroes, few have worn the green longer and with more style than my personal favorite among the super-hero crowd: the Battlin' Bowman himself--everybody's favorite Emerald Archer--Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen, the lean, mean, GREEN ARROW!
Therefore, in honor of St. Patrick's Day, March 2010 has been unilaterally declared by me to be GREEN ARROW MONTH!!!! Throughout the next four weeks, I'll be looking at the history of the character and posting about some of my favorite GA stories.  The festivities begin in earnest tomorrow with an overview of some of the essential stories that have shaped the character as we know him today, many of which I'll be going into more depth about later on.

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