Friday, August 20, 2010

Superman: Secret Origin #6 Arrives--FINALLY--Wednesday

So, at long last, the final issue of Superman: Secret Origin, the six issue Geoff Johns/Gary Frank retelling of Kal-El's beginnings, is scheduled to hit comic store racks this coming Wednesday.
My response: A big, resounding "Who gives a flying crap?"
Big fat hairy deal

Somewhere during the interminable interval between issues of this series, I simply stopped caring.  I'm most likely not going to bother picking up the finale.
Certifiable raving looney tune that he may be, Cerebus writer/artist Dave Sim has been right about one thing, at least.
Woman are evil.
Ok, make that two things.
Back in the early 90s, during his crusade to promote the cause of self-published comics, Sim, in his  essays on the subject that he eventually collected as Cerebus' Guide To Self-Publishing, repeatedly and strenuously emphasized the importance of adhering to a schedule and  meeting deadlines.  Basically, all his admonishments boil down to one thing: If you say you're book is monthly, it damn well better come out once a month. If you make readers wait for months on end for the next chapter, eventually they're going to give and go elsewhere, especially with so many other comics on the shelves to chose from.
Sim was addressing publishers who were basically, like his own Aardvark-Vanaheim Comics, one man operations. From such publishers, however, many of whom support themselves by toiling at "real" jobs, a certain amount of lateness and a  few blown deadlines are understandable.  From a major corporate publisher, a division of the world's largest communications conglomerate, it's unforgivable.
A comic has to be really, really good to keep me interested after six or more months between issues, and Secret Origins' rather uninspired retelling of a story everyone already knows comes nowhere near meeting that standard.

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