Friday, November 2, 2012

Stan Lee's TOP 5 "Amazing Spider-Man" Story Titles

(I shall be honest here and admit that this is pretty much just a quick post put up mostly just to be posting something, as I've been on a bit of a streak lately and I'd like to try and keep it up as long as possible.  I'll take some time tomorrow and provide some more of the in-depth analysis and perspicacious prose you've come to expect of me in my next post.)
Perhaps Stan Lee's most overlooked talent was his ability to come up with attention grabbing and memorable titles for his little tales of super-heroic adventure, which ranged from the terrifically tongue-in-cheek ("Never Step On A Scorpion" or "You Think It's Easy to Dream Up Titles Like This?" from Amazing Spider-Man #29) to the magnificently melodramatic ("If This Be My Destiny...!" from ASM #31 and "O, Bitter Victory!" from ASM #60).   Below is a list of my five personal favorite story names from Lee's 105 issue run on Amazing Spider-Man:

"Bring Back My Goblin To Me!"
(Amazing Spider-Man #27)

"The Tentacles and the Trap!"
(Amazing Spider-Man #54)

"If This Be Bedlam!"
(Amazing Spider-Man #74

"The Molten Man Regrets...!
(Amazing Spider-Man #35)

"How Green Was My Goblin!"
(Amazing Spider-Man #39)

It seems that the Green Goblin really got Stan's creative juices flowing, at least when it came to campy and creative story titles. 
Someday soon, I'll have to do a similar list covering Lee's run on Fantastic Four.

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