Thursday, October 29, 2009

First Post

Welcome to "Gutter Talk", my new blog.
Let's start by defining our terms, shall we?
In comics, the term "gutter" refers to the space between the panels.
This is a blog about comics; anyone expecting me to talk dirty to them will have to call me and we can do that in private.

Herein, I shall be writing about whatever the hell is on my mind, at least as it relates to comics. That shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, comic books, comic strips, graphic novels, web-comics, movies and TV shows based on comics, books about comics, and just about any topic remotely related to comics. I'll be talking about current comics that I read, old comics that I love (or hate) and why, as well as the comics that I and my friends create. As I said before, pretty much any damned thing that pops into my head--whenever it pops into my head, so don't expect a regular schedule of updates. I may have a lot to say some weeks, or nothing to say for a couple of weeks. I maintained a daily blog for awhile, but the strain of coming up with something to write every day eventually led me to give it up. Here, while I shall try to post often, I'll try to make sure that I have something interesting to say when I do.

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