Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Point of No Return

For years, nay, decades now, those of us who read and create comics have struggled against the perception of comics as merely the province of illiterate juveniles and have striven to bring some respectability to the downtrodden art form, and in this first decade of the new millenium, it seems as if our quixotic efforts have born fruit. Comics are finally getting some degree of respect as a medium and an art form.
Still, I have to ask myself if it hasn't maybe gone a little too far when National Public Radio's web-site actually has its own full time comics blogger.

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  1. Well everything has a price and this might be the price of comics getting the name they deserve. It took a long time to make a shift in the perspective people had of comics in the 90's and before. But times change slowly and the time of the recognition is coming soon.