Monday, September 6, 2010

Hello, Russia!

I was just checking the stats for this blog, including not only how many page views I'm getting, but also what country they're coming from, and how they're getting here--by that I mean what links on what sites they're clicking on.
I am quite surprised to note that the majority of my page views from outside the United States are coming from Russia. (In the last 24 hours, however, the majority of my traffic has come from Indonesia.)
I've also noted that quite a few people are stumbling on this blog, and in particular my series of posts on 90's Comics, when they are searching for information on 90's Comics on Google.  Those are the posts that have gotten the most hits. This doesn't surprise me, really, since these posts, especially the first one, are also the ones that have garnered the most comments. 
Perhaps, then, in order to lure as many unsuspecting souls as possible here, I should try to slip the words 90's Comics into each and every post as many times as possible, whether it has anything to do with what I'm jabbering about or not.

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