Thursday, September 15, 2011

OMAC #1 Reviewed

Prior to OMAC #1, the only other comic written by Dan DiDio that I'd read was the Metal Men feature in Wednesday Comics a couple of years ago.  It was alright.  The sequence of events made sense and the characters acted in character.  That may seem like damning with faint praise, but that minimal standard appears to be setting the bar too high for some writers. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Brad Meltzer and J.T. Krul.)  Of course, given the rather ambiguous, Lee/Kirby-esque credit of "Story and Art by" DiDio and Keith Giffen, I'm inclined to believe that the lion's share of the credit for OMAC being as good as it is lies with Giffen.  
Giffen's involvement in the project is what led me to pick up this issue.  I've always been a fan of his work, and I really like his current art style.  Here he manages to evoke OMAC's creator Jack Kirby while remaining unmistakably and uniquely Giffen. 
The story, "Office Management Amidst Chaos," begins with the headquarters of genetic research firm Cadmus coming under attack by a super powered intruder who identifies himself as OMAC.  As he fights his way past Cadmus security down to the top secret lower levels and his real goal, the Cadmus Mainframe computer, we get a high speed tour of the world of this new series, introducing us to the characters, concepts, settings and a few mysteries that will, we assume, be fleshed out in future issues. 
The main mysteries revolve around the orbiting satellite calling itself Brother Eye.  Who or what is he and what's his beef with Cadmus?  And why has he chosen Cadmus employee Kevin Kho to be his champion in the guise of OMAC?
As of now, I plan to be around for awhile to see  these mysteries played out.  This was a good, old fashioned solid super hero action tale with great art that left me wanting more and looking forward to next issue.
One other thing I'm wondering is if Giffen and DiDio are going to keep up the conceit of having the first letters of words in the individual issue's story title spell out OMAC.  I hope they do.  It would be one more thing to make this series stand out from the rest of the so-called New 52. 

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  1. Funny how you wrote this in depth about OMAC since I'm still holding onto your copy of this comic! It must have left a lasting impression on you! I know it did on me! As you know I love, love, LOVE Kirby's OMAC from the 70's so this stuff felt like returning home. I've got to buy my own copy, because if I keep re-reading the one you generously loaned me, it's going to fall apart! Maybe good sales will keep this thing going, so I beseech all Kirby fans to go check this one out. Just like the first issue Kirby drew way back in the day, this one contains masive amounts of property destruction, which is just my idea of a good time when I'm reading a superhero comic!

    That whole Batman building Brother Eye to spy on the Justice League never sat right with me. Neither did the idea of ordinary people morphing into OMACs en masse, like the agents in the Matrix. This feels like the title Jack himself would have enjoyed reading. Long live the new OMAC!