Thursday, November 5, 2009

24 Hour Comics Day Survivor's Journal

A 24 Hour comic, as you may know, is a 24 page comics story totally created within a 24 hour period. Originally conceived by Understanding Comics author Scott McCloud as a challenge for his friend, Swamp Thing artist Steve Bissette, in 1990, the idea has caught on amongst comics artists and hundreds have taken the challenge to date. Since 2004, there has even been an annual 24 Hour Comic Day, sponsored by publisher Nat Gertler's About Comics, on which artists gather in groups, mostly at sponsoring comics shops, to attempt this feat.
This year, however, that day fell on the same weekend as Mid-Ohio Con here in the city of Columbus, Ohio, where I live and blog, so most local cartoonists were there. Thus, the local cartoonists group known as Sunday Comix sponsored their own 24HCD, held this past weekend at the Crimson Cup coffee house in the Clintonville neighborhood.

One of the reasons I haven't posted anything here for a couple of days is that I'm still kind of wiped out from staying up all Saturday night doing my second 24 Hour Comic.
We started out with eight people gathered around 4 tables drawing, but by the following morning only three hardy souls, myself, SPACE promoter Bob Corby, and Jonathon Riddle, remained to see the challenge through to the end.
As soon as I get my comic scanned, I plan on posting it on my ComicSpace site, and I'll post a link here. I've also decided that while the comic has the makings of a good story, I'm really going to treat it as a first draft and rewrite and redraw it at some point in the future. I'd like to have that ready for SPACE, but I'm not promising anything.
I'm now ready to go back to writing about comics as if I know what I'm talking about.

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