Monday, February 22, 2010

Action #1 Sale Sets Record

From McPaper (sorry...USA Today):

A copy of Action Comics #1, which, as we all know, featured the very first appearance of Superman and kick started the entire industry, sold just this morning to an unnamed collector for one million dollars (a phrase that, thanks to Mike Myers, it is now impossible for anyone to utter without doing a Dr. Evil impersonation), the highest price ever paid for a comic book.  
Despite this, your complete collection of all five variant covers of Jim Lee's X-Men #1 still aren't worth the paper they're printed on and never will be.

1 comment:

  1. The latest issue of the X-men has Hank working on a magical virus that destroys all the existing copies of those Jim Lee X-men variants except mine. Professor Xavier buys them from me for ten times the price of any Superman comic, and I use the money to start a foundation for homeless mutants.

    It will be on the shelves soon, mark my words.