Friday, April 6, 2012

OMAC # 8: The Best for Last

You're probably familiar with the old show biz saying that you should always leave your audience wanting more.  Keith Giffen and Dan DiDio certainly are, as O.M.A.C. #8, the series' final issue, proves.  The writer/artist team go out with a bang, producing the best issue of yet of this regrettably short lived book.
In this jam-packed issue, we finally, albeit belatedly, get some real insight into the character of Kevin Kho, O.M.A.C.'s alter ego; a knock down drag out throwdown between O.M.A.C. and the forces of Checkmate; the final showdown between Brother Eye and Maxwell Lord; and a final twist that sets in motion a new direction for the character when he appears again.
Giffen's art over the course of these eight issues has been the best of his career and for the finale he outdoes himself with a kinetic, frenetic, Kirby-inspired tour de force.  I'll miss seeing Giffen's art on a regular basis and I hope it won't be too long before he picks up another pencilling assignment.
You know, sales on this title must have been really bad if even the fact that it was co-written by the company's co-publisher couldn't save it.  I really can't figure out why that is, though, because this book was everything fans say that they want in a super-hero comic.  I'm going to miss it, but at least I've still got these eight issues to read over and over again.

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