Saturday, October 27, 2012

"Bowl Full of Happiness" Exhibit at Wild Goose Creative Part 1

About a week and a half ago (Thursday, October 18, to be exact),  Columbus arts space Wild Goose Creative hosted the artists reception for an exhibit of artwork from  A Bowl Full of Happiness, the Sunday Comix cartoonists group recent anthology to benefit The Hero Initiative, a charity which provides aid to comics professional in need.   The art may still be on display, though I would probably contact Wild Goose to make sure before heading over there.  
Anyway, as one of the artists represented in the exhibit,  I attended the event with my niece Tamara Marshall, who also contributed to ABFoH and thus had a piece on display.  Tamara had the foresight to bring along a camera and below are a few of the photos she took.  
The Sunday Comix Banner
 The cover of A Bowl Full of Happiness
 Comics as "fine art"
Courtesy of Sunday Comix member Canada Keck
As always at Sunday Comix events, there were the inevitable Jam Comics:
Bob Corby starts one off...
...Tamara follows up...
...then Michael Neno puts his spin on it.
That's enough for one post, I think.  Next time, Tamara and I will spotlight some of the individual pages from A Bowl Full of Happiness.

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