Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DC Solicitations Confirm April Release of New Volume of "Secret Origins""

From the "Great Minds Think Alike" Department:
"What this DCU needs more than a Secret Origins title is a "Lost Years" one, filling in the blanks of what happened between the origins and the stories of September 2011.--J. Caleb Mozzocco on Everyday Is Like Wednesday on Tuesday, echoing a point I made on Saturday.
Anyway, as I reported, or, perhaps more accurately, repeated (from an item on Bleeding Cool) on Saturday, DC will indeed be releasing the first issue of a new volume of its venerable Secret Origins title in April.  Confirmation of this came Tuesday with the on-line release of the publisher's solicitations for the month.  As I predicted in my previous post, the new series will follow in the tradition of its two past incarnations and commence with an account of Superman's beginnings.  Also included in the debut issue will be the post Flashpoint origins of Supergirl and original Robin Dick Grayson.

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