Friday, April 22, 2011

Gutter Talk Will Return....Soon

"Davy's on the road again,
Wearin' different clothes again.
Davy's turning handouts down
To keep his pockets clean.
All his goods are sold again.
His word's as good as gold again.
Says if you see Jean now ask her please to pity me."
-Davy's On The Road Again
Manfred Mann's Earth Band

If you've been wondering why there've been no new posts for the last week, it's because, like Davy in my favorite song by Manfred Mann's Earth Band (I actually prefer Springsteen's original version of Blinded By The Light), I am on the road again.  I'm moving.  I spent the better part of the week apartment hunting.  I signed a lease on a new place last night, and I begin moving in tomorrow.
So, things will be in flux for a few more days, thus this blogs hiatus will continue for a little longer.   I should resume posting early in May, however, so it's not like you're getting rid of me that easily.
In the meantime, here, for no reason at all, is a picture of a monkey:

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