Monday, November 8, 2010

Mid-Ohio Con bought by Wizard World

No sooner has this year's Mid-Ohio Con packed up its long boxes for another year than there's big news concerning next year's show, and all future shows.
Wizard World, which operates comic book shows in several cities including Atlanta, Toronto, New Orleans, Miami, Boston, Austin, New York, Philadelphia,  Chicago and others, has bought Mid-Ohio Con.  The show is now apparently to be known as Mid-Ohio Comic Con Wizard World Convention.  Wow--that's a mouthful!
When I first saw this posted on Facebook by SPACE promoter Bob Corby, I thought it was a joke.  Which I suppose says more about my sense of humor than it does Bob's.   Anyway, several comics news sites, including Bleeding Cool and Newsarama are also reporting this.  According to these sources, Wizard World has made no formal announcement concerning the purchase. However, they are already selling advance tickets for next year's show on their site, so it looks like its pretty much a done deal. 
I suppose that whether this is good news or bad news will be determined next October 22 and 23, the dates given on Wizard World's site for next year's con.

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