Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vote For Your Favorite In Gutter Talk's Mike Grell Poll

If you turn your gaze to your right, you'll notice something new in the sidebar.
Blogger.com has a feature that allows users to add a poll to their blogs, and I've been wanting to do one, but had yet to come up with a question worth asking.  
Over the past few days, though, I've been reading quite a few old comics written and mostly drawn by "Iron" Mike Grell.  My personal favorite work of his is Warlord, and now I'm giving you the opportunity to tell me what yours is.  Voting will be open until November 30.  
If you chose "Other," I'd appreciate it if you'd post a comment and tell me which Grell comic not listed here you prefer to the choices I've given you.  
(Those of you reading this at the Open Salon version of "Gutter Talk" click here to go to "Gutter Talk Prime" and take the poll.)


  1. As a closeted gay teenager, "Warlord" was the closest thing to porn I could safely buy. :)

  2. Ray,
    Thanks for the beefcake shot of Travis Morgan! LOL

    P.S. Starslayer rules!

  3. Is there any way to guarantee that Grell himself will get to see this post and the poll results? I'd be interested in knowing what the creator of these wonderful comics has to say about his best-loved creations.

  4. I can't guarantee it, but if he ever comes back to Mid-Ohio Con, I'll mention this to him. I'm sort of curious about what his reaction would be to the first comment on this post.

  5. Starslayer is my "other" vote: a lot of unrealized potential with that character and series.

  6. I worry that the above comment means that the above commentator didn't care much for the Starslayer comics penned by John Ostrander after Grell left the series. I suppose I'll have to agree that Starslayer promised more potential than it actually delivered, but when compared to the more popular and longer-lasting Warlord (the clear poll winner here) poor Starslayer can't help but come up short.

    In the end, the series got overshadowed by the growth of the very people who worked on the title. Grell went on to make Jon Sable, Freelance while Ostrander and Tim Truman went on to co-create Grimjack, both of which were more popular and lasted longer than Starslayer. The comic was a place for these emerging talents to sharpen their skills before moving on to arguably better works.

    Even so, this combination of space opera and swashbucklers did produce some pretty damn fine comics during its brief life.