Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Comics In The News: FF's "Death Issue" On NPR

NPR's Steve Inskeep
I want to congratulate National Public Radio for not believing the hype surrounding the much bally-hooed "death issue" (#587) of Fantastic Four which hits comics shops this week. 
You all probably remember back when Superman and Captain America were "killed" and how the non-comics press covered these "deaths" as if they actually meant something.  They seemed to really believe that DC or Marvel would actually kill off their most well known and highly profitable characters.  You and I, of course, knew that Supes and Cap would be back. Just as we knew that previous deaths of FF members, like that of Reed Richards a few years ago, were merely temporary.  Now, it seems that the rest of the world is finally getting wise to the comics companies' tricks.
On today's Morning Edition, the "Last Word in Business" wrapping up the show's first hour, was a mention of the "death".  Host Steve Inskeep, however, was quick to remind listeners that "...when comic book heroes die, they don't always stay dead" and that "...they've been known to return with new powers to sell more comic books." 
Not that there's anything wrong with selling more comic books.  That is, after all, what comic book publishers are in business to do. If they didn't, what would I have to write about?

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