Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gonna See My Smilin' Face On The Cover of the Doom Patrol

As you've perused the racks of new releases at your local comic book shop over the past couple of weeks, you've probably noticed that DC is in the midst of one its line wide cover theme months. The covers of all DC Universe titles this month feature images that, as Ian Satler wrote in the "DC Nation" column last month, "...highlight the iconic nature of each character", or group, as the case may be.   Pictured here is the cover of the most recent issue of Doom Patrol, featuring core Patrol members Robotman, Elasti-Girl and Negative Man joined by....Bumblebee?
Bumblebee?  Seriously?

And she's even shown larger than Larry or Rita, though she's supposed to be only about six inches tall.
Apparently, she's a member of the team, and she has been part of the cast of this current series since the first issue, but, to be frank, she hasn't really done much.  I suppose its possible that writer Keith Giffen has plans  for her down the line, but so far she's really more of a minor supporting character than a functioning member of the team. 
If the editors wanted to feature someone besides the three original DP members on this "iconic" cover, how about Ambush Bug?  Since he showed up in the book, the Bug has contributed more to the team than Bumblebee has.  He has used his teleportation powers to take the team to where the action is and provided several of the series' funniest moments to date. In fact, he's been far funnier in Doom Patrol than he was in the entirety of his most recent mini-series.  I, for one, hope he sticks with the team for a while more.
And maybe next time DC does one of these cover stunts, Irwin Schwab will get the spotlight he deserves.

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