Monday, October 4, 2010

24 Hour Comics Day Wrap Up

Bet you're all wondering how I did at 24 Hour Comic Day this weekend. 
After signing the official document releasing Packrat Comics from any responsibility should I die from sleep deprivation, I began drawing at about twenty minutes after noon. I was going strong for the first few hours, and was ahead of schedule after eight hours with nine pages completed.  Then I began to get tired and ran into some problems with the story.  By four a.m.,  I could barely keep my eyes open, and I decided that the story was a mess and couldn't be saved. I  actually fell asleep in my chair for a few minutes, and when I came to I decided to pack it in, abruptly ending the comic with page seventeen.  I reveal in the end that the whole thing is a bad movie that the characters Norm and Bill from my comic strip Wasted Potential have been watching, and end it with Norm turning off the TV.
There are a couple of good bits in what I did get finished, and some of the better jokes may show up in another project,  and since it did have an ending of sorts, I may actually go ahead and publish it sometime.  
Despite my failure to complete the challenge, I had a great time just hanging out with friends and the owners and regulars at Packrat.  Still, I think it'll be a couple more years before I try this crazy stunt again.

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