Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gutter Talk Trivia Challenge: Retail Roulette

Today, I'm instituting a new occasional feature here at Gutter Talk: The Gutter Talk Trivia Challenge.  I love trivia quizzes, mainly because I enjoy showing off how much utterly useless knowledge I keep locked up in my over-sized, football shaped head.
For your first Trivia Challenge, carefully study the cover below from Blue Devil #15:
 This was the first issue of Blue Devil that I ever bought.  It appears that Julius Schwartz was correct, at least in my case, when he decreed that putting a gorilla on the cover was a sure way to increase sales.
Anyway, the question for you today is where did I buy this comic: At a comics shop or somewhere else?  And how can you tell.
I'll be back with the answer tomorrow.

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