Friday, October 15, 2010

Quick Takes: Gen Lost #11 and Booster Gold #37

What follows are my first impressions and snap judgments on the latest issues of a couple of the current series I've been following:
Y'know, I never seriously thought that I would read the phrase "take a dump" in a mainstream super-hero comic.  Yet there it is in Booster Gold #37 when our hero uses it when pressed to come up with an excuse for his temporary disappearance.  This comedic gem is followed three pages later by an only mildly amusing fart joke. Geez, it almost makes me miss the Comics Code. 
Despite these moments of questionable taste, overall the issue is a fun and enjoyable continuation of Booster's romp through his own past accompanying Blue Beetle on another misadventure as super-powered repo men. 
I somewhat controversially accused Justice League: Generation Lost #10 of having nothing happen in the entire issue.  The just released #11 is a big improvement, however, as we get a big fight scene, a couple of intriguing plot twists, the addition of a new player to Max Lord's game, a couple of funny lines, and a guest appearance by the Metal Men.  Overall, this series has been pretty uneven, with the quality varying from issue to issue, but this was one of the better ones.

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