Thursday, October 28, 2010

Everything You Know Is Wrong--Justice League: Generation Lost #12

Another fortnight, another issue of Justice League: Generation Lost.  
Not much for Boosterific! to talk about this issue, at least in regards to Booster Gold, as Michael Jon Carter only appears on the next to last page.  For fans of Ice, however, this issue is a treat. Or a nightmare. I guess it depends on  how hung up on continuity you are.  For instance, Boosterific!  used most of its review to complain about how this issue screwed up continuity.
Issue #12 picks up where the previous one left off, with Ice, traumatized after a battle with the Metal Men, having lost control of her powers.  Almost the entire issue is taken up by Fire's attempts to bring Tora to her senses, interspersed with flashbacks to Tora's childhood.  These flashbacks serve to give Ice a new origin and recast everything we thought we knew about her, including all previous published origins, as "lies," seemingly created to cover the repressed memory of having accidentally caused her father's death.  The final pages set up what looks to be another issue long fight in #13 between Captain Atom and Magog.
I actually enjoyed this issue much more than I have the last couple.  I found it to be a well crafted single issue of an ongoing super hero epic.  The art was pretty decent, too, and effectively told the story.  
I can see, however, how those who obscess over continuity might be upset over this issue, especially  if they've got an emotional investment in the character of Ice.  I've always valued good stories over rigid adherence to continuity, and "The Cold Truth" was a pretty good story.
By the way, my friend Jonathon Riddle saw that cover blurb and joked that "Ice Berserk" would make a good name for an alcoholic mixed drink, but wondered what would be in it.
Any thoughts? 

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  1. It was a horrible story. Judd Winick was watching the news out of Europe about Gypsies being kicked out of France and thought "Hey, I've been doing some pretty good writing with Generation Lost, why don't I screw it all up by bringing up something nonsensical yet topical at the same time!". I haven't been this furious since I saw the last travesty of a Harry Potter movie. Oh how deep. She's a gypsy thief, everything we knew about her was wrong! They should have kept her dead rather than bring her back for this bullshit. If this doesn't turn out to be a mindf**k by Maxwell Lord I'm done with this story and Judd Winick forever.