Monday, October 18, 2010

J. M. DeMatteis Week

So, I was looking over some of the stuff that I've been reading, or that's on my pile of recently purchased back issues yet to be read, and that I'm planning to write about, including Dr. Fate, Casper and the Spectrals, and Seekers Into The Mystery, and I thought that if I wrote about most of these back to back it would look like I had another theme event going, kind of like March's "Green Arrow Month." Then I thought, "Why not go for it?" Thus, I welcome you to Gutter Talk's "J.M. DeMatteis Week", spotlighting the writer of the above named titles and many more. 
While I will be writing about those works and a couple of others, I don't plan on writing at any length about the Spider-Man story "Fearful Symmetry," more popularly known as "Kraven's Last Hunt." There are two reasons for this. The primary reason is that I do not currently own a copy of the story and it has been several years since I read it.  Furthermore, as perhaps the most famous and best loved story that DeMatteis has ever written, it has been reviewed, recapped, analyzed and annotated pretty much to death elsewhere on the web and in print.  
However, I will list below some links to a few of those reviews:
  1. The Wikipedia entry for the story
  2. 4th
  3. SpiderFan Comics
  4. Pulp and Dagger Graphic Novel Review
  5. Comics Bulletin Line of Fire Review
  6. Rambles: A Cultural Arts Magazine
  7. Classic Comic-book Review
  8. Fifty Books Project 2010
  9. A list of the 40 Most Violent Comics Ever, where "Kraven's Last Hunt" is No. 20
  10. Finally, J.M. DeMatteis himself on the story behind the story
Also, I'd recommend checking out the interview with DeMatteis and artist Mike Zeck in Back Issue #35.

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