Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gotham City 14 Miles: Taking "Camp" Seriously

Elsewhere on the Wild, Wild Web, over at Comic Book Resources, Tim Callahan devotes the latest installment of his weekly column "When Worlds Collide" to a preview of the upcoming book Gotham City 14 Miles.  Edited by Jim Beard, the book is a collection of essays on the 1960's Adam West/Burt Ward Batman TV series.  The title comes from the sign just outside the mouth of the Batcave seen in nearly every episode of the series.  Callahan himself is one of the contributors to the book.  He's turned in an essay that analyses the series by way of Susan Sontag's famous 1964 essay "Notes On Camp".  Other contributors include Robert Greenberger, Chuck Dixon, Peter Sanderson, Paul Kupperberg, Will Murray, Michael D. Hamersky, Beard and many others.  
This looks like it could turn out to be a really fun, not to mention slightly informative, book and I'm looking forward to reading it.

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