Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Antagonizing My Readers--Further Thoughts On GenLost #10

I got a comment on my recent review of Justice League: Generation Lost #10 that, for some reason, felt I needed to respond to. Maybe I'm just in a bit of a combative mood this week. Perhaps I'm still a little tired and cranky after my 24 Hour Comics Day fiasco.
Anyway, the comment, left by someone who didn't leave their name, was:
"I think gen lost is wonderful. You're deeply in the minority on this. I really can't defend is anymore than just by saying that every 2 weeks it's an enormously satisfying read.
I thought a ton happened this past issue. I look forward to the next one..."
I'm in the minority?
I believe I've said in this and my other reviews of issues of JL:GL that, overall, I'm quite enjoying the series, though I like certain issues more than others.  I like the way writer Judd Winick is mixing humor and seriousness, and I'm really enjoying his portrayal of the new Rocket Red.
Most other reviews of the series actually seem to agree that the series as a whole is good, but not quite great.  I haven't, however, seen anyone else calling it "wonderful," which, I would argue, puts my anonymous commenter in a minority of one.
I realize that Winick is writing the series with the eventual trade paperback in mind.  That is, after all, how pretty much all periodical comics are written these days.  I'm not saying that's either good or bad; it's just how it is.
Anyway, I'm sure that in seven and a half months, when I sit down with a six pack of Blue Moon and a bag of Oreos to read this series from beginning to end, twenty or so pages where nothing happens won't seem so eqregious. By the way, I stand by my characterization of the "events" of this issue, which consist entirely of three different sets of characters standing around talking. When read as a whole, this issue may seem like a welcome respite; a bit of a breather after the escape from Checkmate and the confrontation with Max Lord in the previous few issues.
And maybe, I hope, by the time the series is finished, that scene in the Batcave will turn out not to be as utterly pointless as it seems to me now.
However, reading this issue on its own, I can't help but feel somewhat cheated. It also seems to me that for someone picking the series up for the first time with this issue, there's really nothing here to convince them to either pick up the back issues or come back for the next one.

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