Thursday, February 10, 2011

For Those Who Give A Damn...'s the latest news from Marvel Comics and my reactions to it. But first, a recap For Those Who Came In Late.
Marvel killed off (for now) Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, in Fantastic Four #587, and announced plans to bring that title to an end (again), replacing it with a new title they were calling simply FF
 There was, I remember, much speculation down at the local comics shop the day Fantastic Four #587 came out as to just what FF might stand for.  The most popular guess was "First Family." My guess was "F**k You, Fanboy!."
Well, neither of those turned out to be correct, though mine will probably end up being closer to the way things turn out over the long haul. Anyway, Marvel has announced that the former Fantastic Four shall henceforth be known as The Future Foundation.  It has also been revealed the all-new, only slightly different FF will have a new member.  This is to be none other than the Amazing Spider-Man, sporting a brand new costume which hopefully he'll only wear when hanging around the Richards family. 
With all that Dan Slott has done over in Amazing Spider-Man to pound into the readers' heads how smart old Peter Parker is, doesn't it seem a bit redundant to have two super geniuses on the same team?
Furthermore, I, and his co-creator Stan Lee, for that matter, have always preferred Spidey as a loner, and his joining any team seems just slightly wrong for the character.  Still, he has been a member of the Avengers for several years now and that hasn't work out too badly.  However, having him on two teams at once stretches credibility perhaps just a little too much.  Of the two teams, though, because Peter is a scientist, he seems to fit in better with the Foundation.  Although the Avengers at least let him wear his own clothes to work.

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