Sunday, March 27, 2011

Green Arrow In Cyberspace

It appears that I am not the only blogger out here in the wilds of cyber-webland with the Emerald Archer on his mind recently.  
Even more obsessive than devoting two entire months to posts about a single character is dedicating an entire blog to that character.  That is exactly what the blogger who signs his posts "Mac" has been doing for over three years now with The Green Arrow Guide to Revolutionary Heroism. Recent posts have reviewed the first couple of issues of the new Green Arrow monthly series and a new Green Arrow action figure based on that series.
J. Caleb Mozzocco, on his blog Every Day Is Like Wednesday, has an entire category labeled "Green Arrow Is A Dick", though it's clear from reading those posts that he harbors a certain affection for the character.  The latest entry in that category was uploaded on Friday.  Entitled "Green Arrow, possessive a-hole," it spotlights GA's role in Justice League of America #88, and is illustrated with scans of some nice black and white artwork, taken from the latest volume of Showcase Presents Justice League of America, by long time JLA artist Dick Dillin.
Just this morning, the blogger identifying himself only as "Earth-Two" , author of the blog DC Multiverse, offers up a brief intro to two vintage "Kings of Crime", the Clock King and the Storm King, who fought Green Arrow back in the days before he stopped shaving.
As for this blog, I've still got a couple of Green Arrow related essay to unleash on you before April Fool's Day.  Tomorrow, my series "The Uncollected," which looks at comics as yet unavailable in trade paperback or hardcover reprints,  continues with a look at the collections starring GA that are available and those that have yet to see the light of day.

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