Sunday, March 13, 2011

Green Arrow Month Poll

Over to the right, at the top of the sidebar, is a rather lengthy list of names of writers who have contributed to the legend of Green Arrow from the Silver Age to today.  The latest Gutter Talk poll asks you to vote for your favorite--or favorites.  Yes, we're doing things a little differently this time out, and allowing you to vote for more than one option this time.  So, you don't have to lie awake tonight agonizing over whether you really prefer Dennis O'Neil's characterization of the Emerald Archer to Mike Grell's.    You can vote for both.  
Let's take a look at the choices available:
  1. Ed "France" Herron--main writer of Green Arrow's Silver Age adventures
  2. Bob Haney--wrote the Emerald Archer's meetings with Batman and other  heroes in The Brave and the Bold and his solo adventures in World's Finest Comics
  3. Dennis O'Neil--defined the modern interpretation of Green Arrow in the award winning Green Lantern/Green Arrow series  
  4. Elliot S! Maggin--wrote several years worth of GA's adventures in Action Comics  
  5. Mike W. Barr--wrote Green Arrow's first mini-series
  6. Joey Cavalieri--wrote the Green Arrow series in Detective Comics
  7. Mike Grell--writer of  Green Arrow's first ongoing monthly series
  8. Kevin Smith--brought Oliver Queen back from the dead in the "Quiver" story line
  9. Brad Meltzer--followed Smith's run with "The Archer's Quest"
  10. Judd Winick--wrote most of the remainder of Green Arrow's second series and its follow-up Green Arrow/Black Canary
  11. J. T. Krul--writer of Green Arrow's current adventures
  12. Other-- many other talented writers, from Gerry Conway to Alan Moore, have tried their hand at Green Arrow stories over the years, and you may prefer one of them to any of the choices I've listed.  If you chose this option, be sure to leave a comment and let me know who you were thinking of.
As usual, the poll will  be open for seven days and I'll discuss the results here afterward.  
(Also as usual, those reading this on Open Salon, click here to vote.)    

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