Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Green Arrow Month 2

You might have noticed that March is upon us once again, and, just as I did last year, I am unilaterally declaring this Green Arrow Month, in which I shall post a series of entries paying tribute to the Emerald Archer.  
Why  am I doing this again?  
Well, there are a couple of posts I meant to do last year before I kind of ran out of steam, and there are several Green Arrow comics that I've read in the intervening year that I feel are worth writing about.
Some of the topics I'll be covering in the days to come are:
  • Green Arrow's appearances in The Brave and the Bold volumes 2 and 3
  • a review of Showcase Presents Green Arrow
  • Alan Moore's Green Arrow story from Detective Comics #449 and 450 in 1985
  • Green Arrow's Hostess Fruit Pie Ad
  • Green Arrow meets Jon Sable...sort of 
  • a review of the latest issue of the current Green Arrow series
We'll kick off the festivities officially tomorrow with that review of the current issue.  See you then. 

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